Artcurial expands into Switzerland with the acquisition of Beurret Bailly Widmer Auktionen

After a record year in 2022, Artcurial is pleased to announce that it is expanding its business into Switzerland with the acquisition of the Swiss auction house Beurret Bailly Widmer Auktionen, which becomes Artcurial Beurret Bailly Widmer.


Artcurial Beurret Bailly Widmer


Founded in 2011 in Basel by Nicolas Beurret and Emmanuel Bailly, and later joined by Markus Schöb of Galerie Widmer, the Swiss auction house is also located in Zurich and St Gallen. Specialised in the sale of mainly modern and contemporary art Beurret Bailly Widmer Auktionen continues to hold its three annual physical and several digital sales each year. Its next Fine Art sale will be held during Art Basel on 21st June in Basel. As part of this merger with Artcurial, the auction house is preparing several development projects for the next two years in Switzerland.


Artcurial Beurret Bailly Widmer


Artcurial, one of the leaders in Europe
In 2022, Artcurial celebrated its 20th anniversary and recorded its best year since its creation. It consolidated its position as France's leading auction house. Recent changes in the Artcurial Group have enabled the company to remain responsive and to continue its development as the European leader in the intermediation of exceptional goods, with its various companies, namely John Taylor (luxury real estate) and Arqana (horse auction house). With three sales locations in Paris, Monaco, and Marrakech and after the opening of offices in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria and Spain, Artcurial is now expanding into Switzerland thanks to this acquisition.


Beurret Bailly Widmer Auktionen, one of the leaders in Switzerland
At the beginning of 2011, Nicolas Beurret (from Basel) and Emmanuel Bailly (French) founded the auction house Beurret & Bailly Auktionen in Basel, the cultural capital of Switzerland, famous for its numerous museums and international events such as Art Basel. Specialising in the sale of 20th and 19th century paintings, works on paper and sculpture, the auction house opened a branch in Zurich at the end of 2011. In 2018, Markus Schöb (Switzerland), owner of Galerie Widmer, a leading art dealer in Eastern Switzerland, joined Beurret & Bailly. With three annual sales in Basel, Zurich, and St. Gallen, Beurret Bailly Widmer Auktionen is now one of the most renowned auction houses in Switzerland.



Artcurial Beurret Bailly Widmer


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