Generation 21 
  by Artcurial

Generation 21
  by Artcurial

In 2022, Artcurial launched a new speciality entitled Generation 21 by Artcurial. This speciality focuses on the 21st century and encompasses the current contemporary scene as well as its niches, such as urban art and contemporary African art, which Artcurial has successfully developed over the past few years. Generation 21 is a response to the growing demand from collectors for international contemporary art.

Since its creation, Artcurial has never ceased to innovate, notably through auctions conducted as genuine thematic projects. In 2018, C.R.E.A.M. showcased the Supreme brand and its collaborations with artists, then in 2019, Outsider(s) brought to the fore artists on the fringes of the institutional system.

The Generation 21 auctions reflect the dynamism of the current scene and the enthusiasm of collectors for young emerging talent alongside leading contemporary artists that Artcurial has always championed, such as Joyce Pensato, Aboudia, Godwin Champs Namuyimba, Banksy, Tadashi Kawamata, Mike Lee and KAWS.

These auctions are also an opportunity to highlight, in a broader context, the works of artists from urban cultures whose approaches are fully in line with our contemporary world, as well as the current French scene, with works by Diane Dal-Pra and Ymane Chabi Ghara among others.

Artcurial’s specialists are at your disposal for free and confidential valuations of your works by Shiharu Shiota, Robert Nava, Jordy Kerwick, Javier Calleja, Claire Tabouret, Oli Epp or Yoshitomo Nara.


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